I love falling asleep with the windows open
when it’s warm outside and the breeze
is playing with the leaves.
It stirs the grass, the blinds,
the chimes we bought in Nassau,
and my mind. It carries a scent as it sighs
through the trees and into my room—
a green scent that never sleeps,
but tumbles, ageless, from one tree to another,
from one town to another, from one end of the earth
to the other. It cannot be seen,
and so engages only my other senses:
smell and sound and something
deeper, something primeval,
like the force that drives migrations.
It calls me like the ocean calls a mariner.
I lay in bed and wonder where the breeze began,
where it goes, and what it does in between.
But then I remember;
I already know what it does in between.
It stirs the leaves, the grass, the chimes—
imbues them with its scent and is, in turn, imbued.
It stirs me as I lay in bed,
and, slowly, I drift away with it.


I’ll never find another friend
That I can trust like you,
Though I search this earth until it’s end,
Not one who’s half as true.
When I founder in life’s tossing waves
You give me reason to exist;
And stay myself against the grave
That seems a refuge to this ship.
Like a compass when I’ve lost my route
You’ve led me through rough storms.
In your safety when night’s winds are out
You’ve kept me dry and warm.
I have trusted your word that said “sail on”
When I had nothing to sail on to.
The promise or the hope of dawn –
But in darkness I’ve had you.
You are, my best friend, honestly
The truest harbor I’ve sailed to.
You have become a part of me.
I’d never be here without you.

Clearing Up—Coast of Sicily, By Andreas Achenbach. Courtesy of