I’ll never find another friend
That I can trust like you,
Though I search this earth until it’s end,
Not one who’s half as true.
When I founder in life’s tossing waves
You give me reason to exist;
And stay myself against the grave
That seems a refuge to this ship.
Like a compass when I’ve lost my route
You’ve led me through rough storms.
In your safety when night’s winds are out
You’ve kept me dry and warm.
I have trusted your word that said “sail on”
When I had nothing to sail on to.
The promise or the hope of dawn –
But in darkness I’ve had you.
You are, my best friend, honestly
The truest harbor I’ve sailed to.
You have become a part of me.
I’d never be here without you.

Clearing Up—Coast of Sicily, By Andreas Achenbach. Courtesy of Wikipedia.org

To My Brother

(My brother-in-law, Johnevan, who received a liver transplant before I met him)

I didn’t know you thirteen years ago
But I would know your absence had you had to go.

There would be something missing, something apart,
And like the stuttered beating of a broken heart,

Your absence could be measured and identified
Though not with scientific instruments quantified –

For some holes are as deep as they are wide –
And yours would stretch forever had you died.

If we lost you, J, you couldn’t be replaced
Like a faulty liver or a broken vase,

And we almost lost you all those years ago.
We don’t like to focus too much on that though

And we’re thankful that the Lord who grants
Life to each of us gave you a second chance.

It’s hard to think of where we’d be without you,
But, through the grace of God, now we don’t have to.

I’m grateful for the sacrifice of another
That gave you a liver – and gave me a brother.


I’ve often admired their burning gaze,
With my head tipped back on the darkest nights:
Their beauty never ceases to amaze –

And yet, I’m much more taken by the sight
Of those from which thy pure love shines –
Much fairer, dear, and far more bright

Than any fleeting fancy of mine.
More beautiful than all the heavn’ly lights,
A mirror of the world divine;

The embodiment of peace and right;
And more accessibly set to admire
Than those lofty points in their great height –

Besides, my love, yours carry me higher.
They’re easily seen both day and night,
And, truly they’re much brighter

Than any light in any sky.
And all heavens to me are within sight
When I stargaze into your eyes.

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White fingers in the green cut lawn,
your small face squinting up against the light.
Your wrist swivels, you squeeze a handful of the shoots
experimentally, and release,
a method of your exploration.

Squeeze and release.
Squeeze, and release.

You peer around through squinted eyes –
you do not know this place.
Expressionless, save for a slight
wrinkle of doubt on your forehead.
You see a shadow, and your eyes
focus on it, searchingly.
Bare feet kick against the grass in excitement.
You squeal
and know this place is safe.

Squeeze, and release.
Squeeze, and release.

You coo up at the face and grin.
You do not know this place,
don’t know what the bright orb is above you
that hurts your eyes,
don’t know what the green blades are
that tickle your cheeks as you kick –
you don’t know this place, but

You know this place is safe.
You know your father’s face.
You grin and kick and clutch at the blades
and know this place is safe.


Image from Wikimedia.orgShe danced in the sky snatching stars
that fell to the grass by the Way
cradled in Earth’s watery arms
in the absence of light from the day.
She played as the evening deepened
by Heaven’s great river on Earth;
she shone in the dark like a beacon,
igniting the air with her mirth.
Her boundaries were the expanse
of Heaven, but each frantic light
that fled from her presence was clutched in her hands
and kept from the dance of the night.
‘Till she sat by the water, cast open their bands,
and watched as her lights filled the sky.